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What are the starting points for 1911 holsters?

1911 is a full-sizedpistol and occupies space and weight. It is difficult to tuck it on the waistband but a good holster helps to position the gun

  • Agood InnerWaist Band holster (IWB) with correct placement is for a gun of that size. An appropriate IWB can keep the gun close to the side and can be easily covered with modestly loose clothing.
  • The number of hours determines the choice of holster.

How to Choosea 1911 Holster?

  1. A special holster design is required for 1911, primarily because of its weightof 40 oz, 1911 is heavyweight and if you want to carry it for long hours, you need to position it properly. The apt choice would be an inner waist belt. However, it would be ideal totry a few different holsters before choosing the right one.


  1. As 1911 is a concealed carry, the holster you choose also depends on your clothing: if it is a suitor sweatshirt, or T-shirt. Ascertain if your clothing conceals the holster loaded with the weapon, else change the holster and the location of positioning.


  1. Important factors such as comfort, concealment, and accessibility must be considered while choosing a holster.
  2. Asolid belt for the holster and gun is a must keeping in mind the weight of the weapon, else the entire unit will sag. This results in an increased feeling of weight because of the drag.
  3. The holster has to be comfortable to wear for 1911 isa big, heavy metal pistol and will drive you crazy with its weight. Make sure that the hammer does not poke your side
  4. A holsterwith a sweat guardis a must. Again,make sure that the sweat guard inserted when the hammer is back and not forward, If the grip safety is not covered by the sweat guard will poke.

General features inChoosing a Holster

  • Comfort:It is a major criterion for any holster and more so with those for 1911 holster owb. You need to thinkabout how many hoursyou will be wearing the holster and the positions that you will take while wearing it.
  • Concealment: Considering the size, make sure to choose the right holsterand clothing to conceal 1911 without leaving a print.
  • Accessibility: The third criterion is accessibility in drawing the weapon. One needs to keep this in mind for choosing the holster.

A 1911 holster  and clasp is uniquely made to hold the weight of the gun