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Planning To Pompage Bac à Graisse Paris?

Ever wondered why the speed of water eventually gets very slow? That is because of the accumulation of dirt, sediments, and other undesired dust and dirt.  Are you planning to pompage bac à graisse paris?Causes a lining over the surface. And that thickens over time and would definitely damage the pipes and cast iron. This is where the sanitation company Absorbex Assainissement Francilien would help you out.


When not taken care it can cause difficulty for liquids to flow with their full force. The dirt and dust that has been accumulating over time can cause the internal diameter to decrease and overflowing the water.

Chemical reactions also take place due to the water collection. Also causes fungi build-up that causes odor affecting in smell in water as well. Rusting due to water can deplete the layer of iron and can end up in leakages.

Process Of Cleaning 

The experts would first investigate the concerned area and what is to be treated.  Then they extract the unwanted pile-up of several pesticides, metal accumulation, radionuclides, and polychlorinated biphenyls, and other contents. 

Powerful hydraulic pumps are used to diminish the scales formed on the surface of the pipes. That would also inspect that the pipes which are no more in use as when the hydraulic pumps throw the water in great pressure the pipes that have lost their strength to hold the water pressure just detaches.

The pumps eject water 60 to 70 liters per minute. The technicians use bacterias that attacks the organic matter to break them down and helps in treating pipes with smaller surface areas. 

Cleaning and maintenance should be done so the pumps would function for a longer period without any issue.

Services They Provide

  • Cleaning of hydrocarbon tanks, wastewater treatment plants, garbage chutes.

  • Cleaning of wastewater pipes, rain pipes, and gutters.

  • Removing waste

  • Emptying grease tanks.

  • Inspection of pipes and their cleaning

  • Degassing and disgorgement

  • Hydrocurage

  • And more according to what you want

Maintenance and Installation

  • Oil separators

  • pompage bac à graisse paris

  • Basins, tanks, pits

  • Lifting stations

  • Grease and hydrocarbon separators

They also overhaul and repair these things. They provide free study, warranty extension, annual maintenance contract, and equipment loan to their customers. They provide a report of the work done on paper, photographs, and videos too. You can also analyze on your own what has been finished and how. They insure on-call on holidays, weekends, July, and August.

Brands They Use

For perfect service and installation, they use products from Flygt, KSB, Jetly, Creyssensac, Grundfos, Salmon, Wiro, and Lowara. 

Contact Them

You can contact them and tell them what are your concerned areas.  On their website, you can fill in your name, address, contact number, problem, objective, mail address, and a message for the firm that would become very easy for the technicians to understand what exactly is your problem. 

The website has their contact number so that you can talk directly to the organization. They are the best for pompage bac à graisse paris.Contact them and get rid of your queries.