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PG- Information about Pocket Games

PG SOFT is a Valletta, Malta-based mobile game development company. The business, which was established in 2015, has grown to a large team of 200 employees with offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, mainly Thailand and Malaysia. PG SOFT wowed the audience with unprecedented gameplay and breath-taking visuals, combining the scope and breadth of experience of the co-founders with an award-winning team of designers and developers.

The team is made up of experienced professionals and industry veterans who have worked on projects with some of the most well-known names in television and film. PG SOFT is also home to a team of young developers who are ambitious and inspired to create continuous breakthroughs, working alongside graduates from Oxford and Cambridge University who are specialising in Math.

By leveraging their wide range of bespoke gaming solutions, PG SOFT is expected to transform smart phone digital games. Their games are the pinnacle of stunning visuals and enthralling gameplay, providing an unparalleled gaming experience to all smartphone and computer slot players.

Their team of game designers play a crucial role in the success of our games, pushing the limits of the virtual environment by weaving imaginative 3D gameplay and AAA-quality artwork. They use clever design to guide players through multi-layered stages that are nothing short of thrilling. They aim to keep you on the edge of your seat with their creative worlds, play mechanics, and unrivalled gameplay.

PG SOFT is a multi-award-winning multinational studio consisting of designers, video animators, artists and producers who create content for some of the world’s most well-known brands in video games and also film and television, advertisements, and virtual entertainment. They are a group of motivated, goal-oriented people who are enthusiastic about what they do. In other words, they imagine the gaming experience they would like to have and make them a reality.

Visionaries at PG SOFT make the unlikely possible. They take on complex technological challenges and the difficult job of organising millions of lines of code and complex programming. Their developers are constantly striving to create high-quality gaming content. They rethink algorithmic rules and run various variations in order to produce smooth, uninterrupted, and interactive dramatic moments in the game.

They have a dedicated team of audio engineers, sound technicians, and a small group of collaborative music developers working round the clock to create an eclectic blend of music that complements the gaming and artistic style. They recognise that complex sound effects are the only way to create a mesmerising gaming experience.

In short PG is a company that is changing the game and has a young and talented team, brimming with potential and raring to go. They have already proven their worth and continue to do so with every game they release and every improvement update they put out for their current games. They have a lot of big names supporting them as partners like BET2B, 888 Casino, Video Slots, etc. They are a great option in online gaming if you are looking to begin your online gaming career.