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Is it Acceptable to Get an Amethyst Wedding Ring?

Gone are the days when every engagement ring had to feature diamonds. In fact, diamonds have never been part of any ancient culture. The only reason why we think diamonds and weddings are synonymous is because of the De Beers’ aggressive marketing strategies in the early 1930s. These diamond merchants marketed diamonds as essential stones for engagements for many decades. Their work paid off for a long time, but people now realize that they don’t like diamonds too much. Diamond mining is extremely dangerous for the environment. People are tortured, underpaid, and often killed in many diamond mining sites across the world. That’s why people are looking for diamond alternatives. The semi-precious stone called Amethyst has recently become quite popular amongst engagement ring shoppers.

What is Amethyst?

Unlike diamonds, Amethyst stones actually have a long history with human civilizations. The ancient Greeks first used the gemstone as a symbol of protection against negative thoughts (alcohol addiction in particular). It’s also the official birthstone of people born in February. Amethyst is also the official stone of St. Valentine. However, the historic appeal of Amethyst (Silicon dioxide) isn’t the only factor driving this stone’s popularity. These deep-purple-colored stones are extremely appealing. Plus, they’re highly affordable.

Getting an Amethyst Engagement Ring

Getting Amethyst engagement rings is certainly acceptable and extremely popular these days. This semi-precious gemstone represents passion and positivity. So, giving your partner a ring made of this stone is a great way of kickstarting any relationship. However, shoppers must ensure the ring they purchase is designed properly. The gemstone needs to be mounted securely. Or else, the sharp corners of the gemstone may get jaded. Plus, Amethyst stones look perfect next to materials like white gold. They’re ideal for engagements!

Which Cut Should You Get?

Amethyst stones come in various cuts – cushion-cuts, oval-shaped-cuts, and heart-shaped cuts are the most popular choices for Amethyst engagement rings. When these sleekly cut gemstones are placed on white gold or platinum bands, they look stunning. Amethyst scores seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Hence, they’re hard enough to be worn every day but also soft enough to be cut easily by jewelry designers. That’s why a high-quality Amethyst wedding ring will probably have a flawless cut and design. Why should you fall for an acclaimed jeweler’s marketing campaigns and contribute to the tragic ‘blood diamond’ trade? Especially when you have classy alternatives like Amethyst!