April 19, 2024

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How Can One Keep Their Real Instagram Followers Followed?

The Instagram platform is a fascinating place for people who want to expand their connections and as well as the companies who want to expand their business.

To achieve any of that two propagandas, one must keep their real instagram followers followed to their account. If one has seen an Instagram account with millions of followers, he/she must have noticed that the real instagram followers are active and comment on their every post.

These accounts help people in growing their own followers by providing tips. According to them, real instagram followers are the asset of one’s Instagram account. Those tips are: 

  • Look out for the trends:

Instagram is so huge that it has the power to change the trends daily. Companies find it hard to keep track of all the new trends, but people love new stuff!

So the companies or one must keep track of new trends for their real instagram followers so that they can watch, read and apply those trends through one’s account.

  • Appreciation is appreciated:

Many times, when the accounts post something, people and the followers comment about the post or Dm the account with feedback on their products. Try to give a reply to all these people who are the valuable asset of one’s business.

They should feel like: they are spending money on a business that appreciated them.

  • Quality should be maintained:

It doesn’t matter if the business account has a low number or a high number of real instagram followers. If the account’s posts don’t have professional quality, the followers won’t appreciate it and eventually unfollow.

Make sure to be simple but create a proper environment while posting. Choose fonts wisely, colors should be moderate, and the size of the post should be kept correct without prolonging it.

  • Make the account visible:

This tip works differently as making one’s Instagram account won’t increase the number of followers or help them with anything, but it will show that the person who is handling the account is a genuine person.

This step adds up and contributes to increasing the reputation of the company and makes the followers think that the business is not just valuing them because they are paying for the products.

  • Have a conversation with them:

One must have regular talks with the real instagram followers and discuss new ideas. Ask them their problems and what one can do to solve them. Ask about the new product one has launched and get their feedback, or just have a fun chat.

It makes them feel appreciated, and they can feel like business is actually valuing them.

  • Post daily:

Experts say that one should post six times a week, if not daily. It increases the real instagram followers engagement and activeness, and they will get used to the post on a specific time period. People will start to subconsciously expect the post daily and will get addicted to it.

These are great ways to keep the real instagram followers followed on one’s account.