May 20, 2024

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Grand Theft Auto 5 on Android

It is the most popular game and the most ambitious project from Rockstar games. Besides, it is the most popular game ever developed due to the immersive experience to the continuously evolving world, and its development cost was approximately $137 million. It was first released exclusively as a play station but was later brought to various PC and Xbox platforms. The majority of the people wanted a full grant on GTA 5 experience on their android phones, but it is a complicated thing to make a port at the moment. However, there are some ways you can play grand theft auto five on your android phone.

It is good to note that their several scams revolving around this topic online, so be keen as you look for solutions. Some people load GTA 5 on their android phone with spyware and viruses. There is no way so far discovered to play GTA 5 on your android device locally at the moment. However, some websites claim they can offer players the download link for android devices. It makes many players doubt whether the claim is real or fake.

The mobile game’s fame is on the rise, and therefore Rockstar games decided to port some GTA games series for the mobile platform. GTA 5 is only available for the following platforms:

  1. Xbox 360
  2. PS 3
  3. Xbox one
  4. PS 4
  5. Microsoft windows

Why you cannot play GTA 5 on Android

Android phones keep evolving every year. Android pie 9.0 is the latest version.

The modern phones come with an in-built RAM of over 8 GB. They operate on eight or more processing cores. 

Android phones run on OctaCore and NanoCore.

The growth of android phone development has been impressive, but they are not safe to run games such as GTA 5.

Reasons why there is no GTA 5 on Android

It is hard to locally get, install and play GTA five on an android phone. The reason being, developers would not mind creating a GTA 5 android version. Probably you might love GTA 5 game, and maybe you wish to play it anywhere using your android phone, but you do not own a computer for fun. Your download for GTA 5 android version for your phone fails every time you try. Several YouTube videos explain how to download and install GTA 5 on android devices, but please do not fall for that.

How to get GTA 5 on Android

It is straightforward, and anyone can do it since it does not require you to be an IT genius. The easiest ways that you can use to get it are:

Use vortex to play GTA 5

It is a cloud gaming service allowing high-end games such as GTA 5 on any gadget. It is easy and simple steps involved. An advantage is that you do not have to possess a gaming computer or console in the cloud to play games. The primary requirement is a reliable internet that is available in most countries.

An Android phone requires LiquidSky to play GTA 5

You can easily find GTA 5 on your android phone through the use of LiquidSky. Besides, it offers a cloud gaming service that enables your android phone and other gadgets to play high-quality games. It provides hardware needed to connect and play games.