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Etiquette in online casinos – Unwritten rules

Recent years have seen an increase in popularity of online casinos. Millions of people enjoy online gambling because it’s convenient to play casino games at home. It is also important to note that online casinos have their own set of rules regarding etiquette. 

It is important to be respectful and courteous to other players and the dealer. Whether you play online or off, a casino should be a fun, social place. Either through chat or emojis, being rude to others is discouraged. 

Know how the games work before joining a table. Nothing is more frustrating to experienced players than a newcomer who constantly slows down the game because they don’t understand the rules. Take some time to read the game rules and practice for free first before jumping into real money play. You’ll enjoy the games more, and avoid irking other players unintentionally. Don’t discuss your hand or offer advice to others during a game. It’s exciting and strategic not to know what cards other players have in casino games. Giving tips or discussing your hand gives unfair advantages and is considered cheating. Only talk about the completed hand once it’s over. Watch your language and don’t spam the chat. Excessive cursing, rude comments or repeatedly posting the same phrase is annoying for other players. Chat should be used responsibly to foster social interaction, not to alienate others. Abide by the rules of the casino chat.

Never insult a player who’s on a winning or losing streak. In gambling, luck plays a big role, and everyone experiences ups and downs. Throwing insults at a player on a losing run only worsens things. Similarly, belittling a player for a hot streak is bitter and in poor taste. Compliment others on their wins, or keep quiet. Don’t disclose or discuss how much money you or others have won or lost. How much someone has wagered or cashed out is their own private business. Unsolicited comments on another player’s wins or losses break etiquette rules and also make you a target. Keep any big wins private or share only with trusted friends. 

Be present at the virtual table when you join it, and don’t leave it unattended for long periods. Whether distracted or briefly AFK, inattentiveness slows down the game for others who have to wait for you to act on your turn. Set aside dedicated time for online casinos for real money so you are fully engaged. Play at a table that matches your skill level and bankroll size. High rollers playing for thousands of dollars will be annoyed if you join their table only to wager $5 a hand. Similarly, veteran players might be irritated if you join an advanced table as a complete novice. Pick tables that align with your skill and budget.