May 20, 2024

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Followers

Traffic is everything on Instagram today, and having a large following can attract more organic followers, more business opportunities, and ultimately lead to growing your account and brand presence on social media. You can either spend years to grow your followers from scratch or pay to get Instagram followers. Buying followers can seem like a quick fix to gain more followers quickly. However, is buying Instagram followers really worth it? In this article, we want to explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying instagram followers.

Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers

a) Boost Your Credibility: Instagram followers are a metric that indicates the popularity and trustworthiness of an account. Buying followers signals to potential followers and businesses that your account is worth checking out because your brand has a strong and significant following. In turn, this boosts your credibility in the eyes of your audience and the industry.

b) Boost Engagement Rates: Buying followers has its way of increasing the engagement rate on your content because the content is visible to a broader audience. This group of people might like the content, engage with it, raise the engagement rates, and increase the chances of appearing on explore pages or other user page recommendations.

c) Kickstart Your Instagram Growth: New businesses and personal accounts often find it challenging to gain traction on Instagram since it’s an oversaturated market. Buying followers can jump-start brand recognition and speed up the account’s growth rate.

Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Followers

a) Low-Quality Followers: One significant downside of buying Instagram followers is that these followers are often low-quality, fake, or inactive accounts. These accounts are often auto-generated bots, fake followers, or click farms that can result in a low engagement rate. They can also ruin the authenticity of your brand, potentially denting your account’s reputation in the long run.

b) Risk of Losing Followers: Instagram is known for removing fake followers, especially when they see a sudden spike in followers or if the accounts have remained inactive for a while. If this occurs, your account can lose all the bought followers, ultimately causing a decline in organic reach and engagement; this not only affects your account’s credibility but also halts your Instagram growth altogether.

c) PR Nightmare: Buying Instagram followers is considered unethical, for some, and it raises the question of authenticity. This practice can be a PR nightmare, and it can damage your brand’s reputation in the longer run. The risk of your followers finding out you bought followers can be potentially catastrophic because they might lose trust in your brand.


Buying Instagram followers can seem like an excellent shortcut to gain followers quickly; however, it comes with more disadvantages than advantages. You might lose real, authentic engagement from your audience and have a challenging time repairing your account once people realize the followers are fake. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on quality content and organic growth to attract like-minded followers and drive the metrics that matter the most—engagement rates. Instead, invest in creating visually appealing content, optimize your content for your audience, and maintain your brand’s authenticity to gain organic followers on Instagram.